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Many players are told “the greens are spiked” or “next week we will spike the greens” But do they actually kno what that means, and why this work is essential to the survival of the greens?

Today we ask Tolo Matemales, Greenkeeper of Vall d’Or, why it is so important that the greens get spiked and sanded.

“The benefit of spiking the greens is to alleviate compaction, allowing water and nutrients to enter the root system and to allow oxygen exchange to promote healthy turf grass. It consist in “spiking” the greens with thousand of tiny holes, approximately the size of a pencil that travel 3 1/2 inches into the soil, afterwards it is necessary to practice a light top-dressing of sand. Let me show you with a brief video: see video

See you soon,

Tolo Matemales

Head Greenkeeper